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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009

Our People & Structure

A map of Australia with Salvation Army Territories shadedThe Salvation Army in Australia

The Salvation Army in Australia is administered from two seperate head offices. New South Wales, Queensland and ACT make up the Australia Eastern Territory, which has its head office in Sydney. The Australia Southern Territory comprises of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory and has its head office in Melbourne.

The two territories have roughly the same number of Salvation Army officers, soldiers and churches. There is no national leader of the Salvation Army in Australia, as both territories have a direct line to International Headquarters in London. The two territories take a bipartisan approach with regards to national awareness, which is most evident during the Red Shield Appeal as well as social awareness campaigns.

The role of National Secretariat, based in Canberra, is the Army's chief parlimentary liaison and speaks to politicians on behalf of both Australian territories.

Websites in Australia

Are you from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, or the Northern Territory? Wondering why you can't find what you're looking for on our website?

This website,, is the official website of the Australia Eastern Territory (NSW, QLD, ACT). The Australia Southern Territory's website can be found here.

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