Salvos Gifts Catalogue 2018-19

When it comes to gifts, while intention is important, it’s impact that counts. By purchasing Salvos Gifts this Christmas, you will have real impact, where it’s needed most.

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Help end poverty through gifts that empower developing communities.

  • ChickenLivelihood


    One chicken can change a life forever - better nutrition from up to 200 eggs a year, and, once the chicken has bred, the sale of chicks and eggs delivers a sustainable income that can be the start of a thriving business.

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  • Anti-trafficking workshopEducation

    Anti-trafficking workshop$38

    Education is key to fighting human trafficking. With an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked every year [2], anti-trafficking workshops educate communities about human trafficking, giving practical advice on how to tackle the issue at a grassroots level.

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  • Water tankHealth

    Water tank$250

    Clean water is the foundation of a healthy community. Children who have access to clean water are healthier, better protected from waterborne illnesses, can attend school more often and use their education to build a brighter future.

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With an active presence in over 128 countries, The Salvation Army is a global leader in community development. Our Australian International Development team partners exclusively with Salvation Army centres and staff in developing countries, ensuring the utmost accountability and impact for your donation.

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