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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009
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Women's refuges

Women's refuges

“... It is encouraging to see women begin to find hope again, to begin to love themselves and who they were meant to be, to begin to plan for the future and dream of better things.”

- Salvation Army women’s refuge manager

If you are a woman who is experiencing domestic violence, homelessness or some other personal crisis, The Salvation Army may be able to assist you.

We provide secure accommodation for women and women with children in a number of confidential locations throughout Australia. This includes emergency accommodation and medium-term accommodation.

To seek help, phone Salvo Care Line on 1300 36 36 22.

Personal support

Most women and children arrive traumatised and frightened about their future. The Salvation Army will assign you a case manager to help you through this period and to identify needs and goals, and formulate a plan. This may include:

  • establishing an income
  • seeking emotional support - eg. counselling
  • accessing future accommodation
  • healthcare, legal and safety issues
  • looking at your children’s needs.

Practical assistance

If you arrive with no food, clothing or resources, The Salvation Army can help organise assistance for you.

Independent living

We promote independent living, encouraging women to take control of their lives and helping empowering them to break the cycle of abuse through a range of workshops and living skills programs. Examples of topics include:

  • assertiveness
  • healthy relationships
  • self-awareness
  • breaking the cycle of violence
  • budgeting
  • personal safety
  • employment training


Our refuges also provide childcare facilities to ensure both children and their mothers are adequately assisted.

Pastoral care

Our pastoral care workers offer women spiritual support and a Biblical view on everyday life issues.

Special needs

Most Salvation Army refuges are prepared to accept women with additional difficulties such as psychiatric issues or drug and alcohol related problems.