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Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing violence in your home and are being threatened by someone you live with, homeless or in crisis, The Salvation Army can assist you.

We provide secure accommodation for women and families in a number of confidential locations throughout Australia. This includes emergency accommodation and support to find medium to longer term accommodation.

To enquire for help, please phone Salvo Care Line on 1300 36 36 22.

Find out more about Salvo Care Line

Personal Support

Salvation Army services and staff will work with you and your family to assist and support you through this period to identify your needs and goals and to formulate a plan. This may include:

  • Assisting you to remaining safely in your home or find alternative safe accommodation for you and your family
  • Establishing an income
  • Seek emotional support eg. Counselling
  • Accessing future accommodation
  • Healthcare
  • Legal and safety issues
  • Assisting with the needs of your children, including: childcare facilities and case management
  • Food and clothing in an emergency
  • Other resources and support to assist during this period

Accommodation Services

The Salvation Army provides safe accommodation facilities for you and your family in a number of locations throughout Australia. 

You can also call Salvo Care Line on 1300 36 36 22 for referral information.

Find out more about accommodation services

Professional counselling

If you and/or members of your family require professional counselling  during this time please contact The Salvation Army’s Counselling Service.

You can also the Salvation Army’s Salvo Care Line any time, day or night, to talk or seek information on our services.

Find out more about professional counselling

Community support

Building positive and healthy relationships with others can help give you confidence to seek further support.

Most Salvation Army churches offer social and recreational groups for women and families. Call Salvo Care Line on 1300 36 36 22 or search for your local centre to find out more.

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