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    Men's Overalls Event

    Barefoot Bowls | Saturday 23 September

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    Pathways to HOPE

    Seeing breakthroughs in 2017

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    Humanitarian Legal Services

    Cost free for the disadvantaged and marginalised...

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Welcome to the Stafford Salvos!
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Stafford Salvos

Our heart and soul is to share the living hope found in Jesus.


We are located on Hayward Street near the Stafford City shopping centre.


We invite you to come and see God's power and goodness impact lives!

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32-54 Hayward Street
Stafford, QLD 4053

Ph. (07) 3352 6577
Fax. (07) 3352 7655

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Chris sheds the double life

Light and Life - Chris sheds the double life

Chris shares his double life and the road that led to freedom