• Multicultural Celebration and Feast

    Multicultural Celebration and Feast

  • Stafford Salvos Family Store IS FINALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

    Stafford Salvos Family Store IS FINALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

  • Humanitarian Legal Services

    Humanitarian Legal Services

    Cost free for the disadvantaged and marginalised

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At Stafford Salvos we are committed to individual and community restoration. Our 5 contact points (Stafford Star) ensures intentionality and commitment to all people and addressing their holistic needs.

 Our Social Services, Education, Arts, Recreation and Spiritual Services all work together to address those barriers that individuals might face on a daily basis.

Come and join us.

Stafford Salvos, a place where you can belong.

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Salvos respond to flooding at Forbes

The Salvation Army red shield logo

Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) volunteers are assisting in the relief effort, as major flooding spreads across the Central West of NSW.

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