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God On The Mountain (2010)

God On The Mountain (2010)

Liner Notes

This album is all gospel, with a lot of different types of songs. Some are light-hearted and stay with you, so you can sing through out the day. Some songs are old favourites you may have heard your grandparents sing, or maybe heard them sung in church a long time ago. They may remind you of a time or place or people that have been an inspiration to you. Sing along with these old favourites and revisit those moments. Other songs like "God on the Mountain", "Through It All" and "Child Forgiven" have great messages.

Our favourite is "God on the Mountain" which reminds us that. God is with us through the good times and the bad times. All you have to do is accept Jesus and He'll walk down that road with you. We trust you will enjoy this album, look at the words and sing along.

Track Listing

Child Forgiven / God on the Mountain / Knowing You'll Be There / I Call Him / We Call on Him / How Great Thou Art / Feet on the Rock / Search Me Lord / Through It All / The Old Rugged Cross / I'll Tell It / Livin' in the Rain / Singing in my Soul / Where Could I Go / I'll Fly Away