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Go Light Your World (2011)

Go Light Your World (2011)

Liner Notes

We are often told that we should take care of ourselves, look after our own life and don't worry about others. We hear stories of people being injured or in trouble and no one coming to their aid. However, we should care - we should be concerned about our neighbours, the person down the road, acquaintances and friends.

This album is titled Go Light Your World after Chris Rice's song, and we encourage you to take some time to really listen to the words of the song. We hope that while listening, you are challenged to consider lighting your world. We believe Jesus provides that light and can help us become a beacon to those who are troubled.

This CD is a mix of gospel songs that are special to us and country classics that you will be familiar with. Sit back, relax and take it all in!

Track Listing

Oh Happy Day / Bad Moon Rising / Go Light Your World / All I Have To Do Is Dream / I Just Wanna Dance With You / He Touched Me / Help Pour Out The Rain / Are You Washed / One Day At A Time / I Saw A Man / Sea Of Heartbreak / Special / Stand By Me / Bye Bye Love