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Code of Conduct

Bullying, abuse, assault or neglect of clients is never acceptable.

i.e: verbal abuse, yelling, raised voices in a tone of disrespect, authoritarian overtones, telling a client what they must do or cannot do in their own home in a standover and domineering manner.

There will be no swearing or bad language by workers. Clients are to be encouraged to use only appropriate language. It is not appropriate to use the names of God or Jesus other than referring to them.

Smoking is not permitted by workers in clients homes, unit complex grounds, house garden or while supporting a client in the community. Clients are not to be encouraged to smoke or supported in places where this is a major activity. Cigarettes should be kept out of sight.

Workers are not permitted to attend work while under the influence of alcohol or non-medically required drugs. These are not to be consumed during work hours.

Workers are to discourage clients taking alcohol or non-medically required drugs. Workers are not to support clients in any of these activities including supporting clients in environments where this is a major focus of activity.

Workers are not permitted to be involved in any form of gambling in the course of their work. They are not permitted to encourage or support clients in these activities (see Salvation Army pamphlet). This includes raffle tickets, scratchies, poker machines etc.

Workers are not permitted to or encourage or support clients to be involved in occult activities. This includes reading your horoscopes.

Workers or clients are not permitted to abuse each other in a sexual manner. Clients are to be encouraged and supported with appropriate interpersonal relationships.

 Whilst working all workers are to observe, encourage and support clients to observe Sunday as a special day. Shopping and major housework is discouraged. Clients are encouraged to attend church services of their choice.

Workers are to encourage clients in positive choices involving movies, TV programmes, written material and access to the internet.

Participation in recreation venues remains at the discretion of the Manager. If you are unsure discuss with your Senior Lifestyle Worker or Co-ordinator.

The aim is for clients to be supported in a healthy environment. Whilst you may not embrace The Salvation Army principles or ideals, all employees are expected to maintain standards of conduct in the workplace which uphold the Christian ethics for which The Salvation Army stands.

And I will:

Demonstrate a commitment in my work and relationships to principles of social justice

Demonstrate through my behaviours and actions a commitment to non-discrimination

Empower disadvantaged individuals in their choice and decision making through provision of information and support

Support clients to exercise their legal and human rights

Apply the least restrictive alternative principle in the provision of services to clients

Continually develop my skills to enhance individual and organisational performance

Contribute within my capacity to the organisation's continuous improvement philosophy and practice

Treat all clients at all times with dignity and respect

Maintain privacy and confidentiality obligations to clients and to the organisation

Undertake my responsibilities and operate within a client-centred framework

Promote the principles of community participation and integration for people with disabilities

Promote the ability of people with a disability to fulfil valued roles in the community

Refrain from soliciting gifts or gratuities from clients

Refrain from any practices, either direct or implied, which may be construed as sexual harassment

Declare any conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest

Not give my personal details to clients without agreement of my SLW