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Church Partnership Program

What is the Church Partnership Program (CPP)?

It is a partnership between The Australian Government, SAID and The Salvation Army in Papua New Guinea, which seeks to strengthen institutions, such as churches, in building capacity for community development. The Salvation Army is one of seven churches in Papua New Guinea supported by the Church Partnership Program. 

CPP ensures churches are practising and promoting accountable, transparent and participatory governance and that the communities' livelihoods are enhanced by the quality and reach of service delivery.

Our Church Partnership Program Work

The Salvation Army's projects that are part of the program include:

  • Restorative Justice
  • Village Health Volunteer programs
  • Facility upgrades
  • Health staff capacity-building
  • Provision of post-secondary education
  • Skills training in computer skills and basic accounting
  • Skills training in basic needs assessment
  • Skills training to teach congregations and communities about HIV & AIDS.
  • Child Protection Training in communities
  • Teacher training and literacy proficiency