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What we do

Our Projects

Our Community Development programs seek to address the needs of communities, working alongside them to identify the root causes of poverty.

Our programs aim to produce benefits that will continue after our assistance has ended. We provide the tools for sustainable projects, to train people and to enable them to achieve their full potential, beyond the project completion.

To maximise the effectiveness of Community Development projects, our geographic focus is on countries that are, or have been Salvation Army Parners in Mission. A Partner in Missision is a term given to Terrtitories that have been linked together by The International Salvation Army - strengthening our ability to help communities. 

Although our office has a strong focus on community development, our office also supports the advancement of the evangelical mission of The Salvation Army overseas, with nont tax deductible funding. 

Our areas of work are:


Our community projects are focussed on addressing six key areas. 

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