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The Chick Effect


The Chick Effect is so powerful, it can break the cycle of poverty.

When a mother struggles to feed her family, the children often have to leave school to help find food. Sadly, they miss out on an education and the skills needed to eventually find a job. The cycle of poverty worsens … and it’s especially tough for girls.

But there is hope: we call it the Chick Effect.

When a mother is given a chicken through the Chick Effect, she can start a little business selling eggs and establish an income. When there’s food on the table, the children can go back to school, and when children go back to school they can become independent and self-reliant. Everyone benefits … especially girls.

Give a chicken - or two - and support vulnerable women in developing countries.



Join the Chick Effect today!

Buy a chicken for $12, two for $24, or a goat for $54 


It might only be a small animal, but it can leave a big footprint on a woman’s life.

The Chick Effect starts with your simple gift this Easter. When you give a chicken, your donation purchases a farm animal for a woman living in poverty. That animal becomes a source of income for a family, meaning children are fed and can be sent to school for an education.

“Before the livestock project…my family was really poor,” says Josephine, a mother living in Tanzania. A gift from The Salvation Army of goats has seen her grow a successful business venture.

No longer struggling in poverty, Josephine is now building her family home, her children can attend school and she is sharing her knowledge with other women in her community.

Find out more about Josephine's story here

The Chick Effect is a campaign coordinated by The Salvation Army International Development. Funds raised are distributed to development projects which assist people living in poverty overseas according to priority of need.