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The Power of Partnership

Autumn Newsletter 2017


Empowering Women

With your encouragement - and the support of Salvation Army personnel in Pakistan - women in the region of Sheikhapura are being empowered to realise their full potential through specialised projects. 

Read more about their story here. 

Spring Newsletter 2016


For a Happier Tomorrow

Children in Haiti have the hope of a better future, through your kind support for their education. 

Read more about the inspiring stories of people whose lives have changed through the help from The Salvation Army here.

Summer Newsletter 2016

A Spring of Hope

Every minute, somewhere in the world, a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease. But you can help stop these unnecessary deaths and bring hope to communities.

You can read more about this Compassion, Partnership and Transformation.

 Winter Newsletter 2015

The Power of Partnership

“I now have an income and I am able to send my children to school and provide them with daily meals and clothing."

Read about the stories of change.

 Summer Newsletter 2015

 Students at Tibba Coaching Center  

Salvos Sponsorship: Special Edition

Salvos Sponsorship like everything The Salvation Army AUE strives for – is the start of someone’s Freedom story – a child’s. 

You can read more about changes to our sponsorship program here. 


 Spring Newsletter 2015


 Fishing for a Families Future: Turkana, Kenya

Due to the generous support from you and people like you, the Turkana project taking place in Kenya West, is just completing its second year, after a successful first year running!

Read the full story here, Spring_14_Newsletter_FINAL_web.pdf

 Autumn Newsletter 2014


Project Report: BASSIC, Pakistan

BASSIC (Building Strong Sustainable Communities in Pakistan) is a four-year project that aims to create self-sustaining communities. 

Read the full story.

 Winter Newsletter 2014

Myanmar Livelihood project

This four-year project has seen exciting results in its first year of operation. The provision of clean water, agricultural initiatives, income-generation activities and selfhelp groups impacts 2700 people, struggling against poverty and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Read the full story.