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Seeds for a garden

With seeds and basic training, a family can establish a sustainable and reliable crop to grow nutritious food. Families can also start their own income-generating businesses selling produce.

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With the gift of a chicken, a family in a developing community has access to fresh eggs - a vital source of nutrition. Easy to breed, chickens also provide a family with both eggs and chicks to sell at market.

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Trees for farmers

Planting trees on a farm helps prevent soil erosion, increases crop nutrition, restores land and improves air quality. In addition, trees are a valuable source of products for household use and trade, providing fruit, timber for housing and firewood.

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Like chickens, ducks are a secure source of protein-rich eggs that a family can eat or sell at market. And the best thing about ducks? Ducklings, of course, which enable families to establish secure livelihoods now and into the future.

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Staff training for health intervention

Training women in community groups to identify health risks, including the signs, symptoms and treatment of common diseases, can significantly improve the health of a community.

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Tuberculosis screening

Early detection is the most effective way of minimising the spread and impact of tuberculosis. Screening enables local health practitioners to reduce the spread of the disease and educate communities about symptoms, treatment and prevention.

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Hand shovel

With this helpful hand shovel local farmers can easily prepare soil for planting crops. The development of sustainable agricultural techniques empowers families and communities to build a future of food security. And what goes better with a hand shovel than seeds?

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AIDS testing kit

More than 95% of HIV infections are in developing countries, two-thirds of them in sub- Saharan Africa[1]. HIV tests administered by local health practitioners are an effective way to bring HIV awareness and education to communities, supporting the adoption of safer practices.

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With a pig and training in pig-rearing, families can generate a sustainable income through the sale of piglets and manure.

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Hygiene training

Hygiene training educates a community on the importance and effectiveness of good hygiene. Adopting simple hygiene practices greatly reduces the spread of disease, resulting in healthier living conditions for everyone.

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Anti-trafficking awareness workshops

It's estimated 1.2 million children fall victim to human trafficking every year[2]. Anti-trafficking workshops educate communities about human trafficking and offer practical advice on how to tackle the issue at a grassroots level.

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Computer skills training

Computer literacy greatly improves education and employment opportunities for girls. You can provide girls rescued from trafficking with the skills to build a brighter future.

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Not only are they more adapted to extreme climates than cows or sheep, goats can produce litres of nutritious milk - high in calcium and protein - every day. Families who receive a goat can generate a continual source of income through the sale of milk, cheese, offspring and manure for veggie gardens.

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Rehabilitation support

You can support the recovery of girls rescued from trafficking - and reduce their risk of exploitation and re-trafficking - with psychosocial support and counselling that aims to build resilience and self-esteem. Maybe you'd also like to give a girl rescued from trafficking a safe place to sleep.

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Sewing machine

With a sewing machine and basic training, a woman can greatly increase her chances of earning a living and lifting herself - and her community - out of poverty.

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Around 760,000 children die of diarrhoeal disease every year[3]. Yet a significant proportion of diseases can be prevented through adequate sanitation and safe drinking water. Imagine the impact a toilet will have for a family or community.

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Community carers training

Community carers are vital when professional nurses aren't always available. You can give community carers the training they need to provide supportive care to patients.

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Safe housing

Safe housing is essential in the fight against human trafficking. Your gift can provide accommodation and support for one girl rescued from trafficking for one month. With your support, she can build a brighter future.

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Candle-making machine

Give a woman a candle and she can light one night. Teach a woman to make candles and she can brighten the future of her family and community for generations to come. As a candle- maker, a woman can generate a stable income through the sale of candles and benefit her community by training other women in the craft.

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Water tank

Clean water is critical to the health of communities, in more ways than one. Children who have access to clean water are healthier, can attend school and can use their education to give back to their community.

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Nurse visits

When there is no hospital nearby, community nurses provide invaluable health care in villages, from nutritional monitoring and vaccinations to education and overall health support.

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Every gift purchased through Salvos Gifts empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty. The cost to implement each project varies. Therefore, when a project is fully funded, we direct excess funding to projects of a similar nature. This ensures the needs of the communities you support are met and that they have ownership of the project. | 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

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