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Empowering women - transforming communities

*Ranjulata (left) with other Self-Help Group members 

Community violence tore apart Ranjulata's home village of Tudubali, India. It destroyed homes, disrupted schools and left families struggling.

Through a Self-Help Group coordinated by The Salvation Army, the women of Tudubali are rebuilding their community. They are overcoming their cultural differences by finding a common interest in women's empowerment and financial sustainability.

Ranjulata -a wife and mother- is a member of the group, which received a grant to purchase 200 chickens. The Self-Help Group program supervisor facilitated relevant business training. 

Together, the women in the Self-Help Group are rearing chickens and benefiting from the income (from the sale of both eggs and newly-bred chicks).

"It helps us to generate income and strengthen our financial standard. It's helping us fulfil our needs," says Ranjulata. "Now I am even more passionate about my children's education and health." 

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