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How Sponsorship Works

Salvos Sponsorship is the start of someone’s freedom story in a developing country. 

Our goal is to be community builders; we believe this is the most effective way to change the future for children in poverty.

Your sponsorship contribution for just $35 a month goes towards the funding of community development projects or educational centres that encompass community development activities. Your support provides children and their families with: access to clean water and sanitation, access to healthcare facilities, opportunities for education, literacy and skills training; micro-credit schemes, support for small and medium-sized businesses, access to livestock, tools and agricultural skills to improve families source of income and nutritious food. Your partnership with communities lifts families up to realise the potential of their children.

Programs typically include:

  • Advocacy – supporting local communities to understand and secure their rights to essential services.
  • Education – opportunities for children to go to school, and parents and adults to participate in non-formal or vocational education and skills training.
  • Healthcare – providing and improving health facilities and better access to these services
  • Water & Sanitation – working with local corps (Salvation Army churches) and communities to drill boreholes, build wells, provide toilets, basic sanitation and provide hygiene education.
  • Food & agriculture – access to livestock, tools and agricultural training to improve families source of income and nutritious food.
  • Income Generation – micro credit schemes, skills and vocational training to improve incomes and support for small and medium-sized business activity.
  • Facilities for the disabled – suitable facilities for those with disabilities so they are not discriminated or excluded from the community.

Each overseas community that The Salvation Army works within has its unique and individual challenges. We believe that working in partnership with them and other Salvation Army Territories, will result in identifying the community’s strengths, needs and the underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability. 

To achieve the best outcomes, sponsorship contributions are combined and sometimes supplemented with funds from other sources, such as government grants and fundraising. These funds are then used to implement projects that benefit not only one child but many in the community.

What will a sponsor receive?

As a Salvos Sponsor you will receive:

  • An Annual Progress Update detailing the health and educational status of the children and community you sponsor and achievements the community has made with your support.
  • 'The Power of Partnership’ semi-annual newsletter informing you on the latest in our community work.


How can I make my sponsorship payments?

Sponsorship contributions of $35 a month can be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

We encourage automatic deductions from a credit card or bank account as this is the easiest and most reliable payment method.

Sponsors can also choose a non-automatic payment method:

  • Personal cheque (payable to The Salvation Army).
  • Money order.
  • Single payments via Visa, Mastercard, Amex card.

You can help reduce administration costs by selecting an automatic payment method and/or a less frequent payment method.

 Become a sponsor for just $35 a month.

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*Sponsors receive an annual tax receipt detailing their donations in the past financial year.