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Building communities where children can grow and develop holistically is paramount to the reduction of poverty. For this reason we aim to implement programs that are child-focused, relationship-based and sustainable. We do this by:  

Child-focused community development projects

These address multiple areas of a child’s well-being, focusing on building communities where children are safe and valued and the dignity and responsibilities of parents are reinforced. Young and old work together to tackle the root causes of poverty through:

  • Nearby clean water sources to reduce the time children (particularly girls) are travelling to collect water, thus enabling them to go to school
  • Toilets which reduce child illness and mortality
  • Literacy and numeracy classes to empower parents to support their child’s education 
  • Teachers’ training, children’s clubs and school equipment for extra-curricular activities
  • Micro-credit schemes, livestock provision and agriculture training as a source of income and nutritious food
  • Suitable facilities for those with disabilities


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