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Royal Military College Duntroon



The Royal Military College Duntroon is an institution which, trains and equips future officers and commanders of the Australian Army.

The Staff Cadets are put through a rigorous training regime for 18 months in order to develop the necessary skills to lead a group of men and woman in all situations, including combat.

Captains Jon (Officer in Charge) & Leah Belmonte, Representatives

As of 12 January 2017, Jon and Leah have taken up their appointments as Senior Representatives at Duntroon. Jon has recently moved from supporting 1 Brigade Headquarters, 1st Aviation Regiment and 1st Armoured Regiment in Darwin. Leah was also in Darwin supporting 1st Combat Signals Regiment and Soldier Recovery Centre.

Jon can be contacted on 0450 727 560 or

Leah can be contacted on 0450 727 561 or