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Holsworthy Barracks (Sydney)

Holsworthy, is located in south-west Sydney and the area was aquired by the Military in 1910 as a barracks and training centre. For a long time it was Australia's largest Army barracks, but since the relocation of 1st Brigade to Darwin in 1998 and the recent departure of 3 RAR to Townsville in 2011, the barracks has reduced in size. It is now the home of several Army Reserve units, Special Forces Units, 6th Aviation Regiment and The School of Military Engineering, which is the current sponser unit of the "Sallyman".

The School of Military Engineering was established in 1940 at Moorebank in New South Wales. The school is designed to train personnel in a wide variety of military engineering skills. These skills consist of building and construction, trade training in plumbing and electrical, bridging and watercraft skills, mine clearing, explosive detection dogs, demolitions and mapping and surveying. In 2015 the School of Military Engineering relocated from Moorebank to Holsworthy Barracks.

Senior Representative Jason Lilley became a member of The Salvation Army in December 2009. In 2010 he attended the Chaplaincy Course at at Stanmore SFLT College as he felt God's calling on his life to become involved in some form of Chaplaincy. Jason says, "I thought about becoming a Hospital or Prison Chaplain, becoming a RSDS Rep had never crossed my mind".  That all changed when Jason was offered the Sallyman position with 3 RAR at Holsworthy Base in NSW. However, with the relocation of 3 RAR to Lavarack Barracks in Townsville in December 2011, Jason took on 6 Aviatioin Regiment as their "Sallyman. Jason is currently the "Sallyman" for the Military School of Engineering.

Jason joined the RSDS Team when he commenced his appointment in February 2011 and he has loved every minute of it. "I just love serving God and others" Jason says.

Jason can be contacted on 0417 797 490 or


 Senior Representative Jason Lilley.



 The Hop In at Holsworthy Barracks.


Holsworthy Barracks Chapel.

School of Military Engineering - Home of the Sapper.


School of Military Engineering Memorial dedicated to all engineers who have served in times of war and peace keeping.