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Thank you to all our volunteers for the fantastic work they do which makes such a difference for people in our local community.

Volunteers allow us to increase the frequency and extent of our programs and services, so whether you can spare a few hours a month or one day per week in our shop or community lunch, your time is very much appreciated and will positively impact the community.

We offer a range of opportunities for people to volunteer at the Oasis Centre Wyong in the following programs:

  • Community Helper
  • Community Service
  • Work for the Dole
  • Work Development Order
  • Vocational Student Placement
  • School Student placement 

Information about each of these programs is provided below.

What is a Community Helper?

A Community Helper is somebody who volunteers their own time to assist us at the Oasis Centre Wyong to provide a range of programs and services for our community.   A community helper may be required to undertake individual projects, support us in the delivery of our current programs and services or be instrumental in the trial of new programs or services.  Volunteering at the Oasis Centre as a Community Helper must be: 

  • of benefit to the community and the volunteer
  • of the volunteer’s own free will and without coercion and
  • for no financial payment.


What is Community Service?

A Community Service Order (CSO) is an order made pursuant to the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act requiring the offender to carry out community service work. Subsections 8(1) and (2) Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act provide:

(1)   Instead of imposing a sentence of imprisonment on an offender, a court may make a community service order directing the offender to perform community service work for a specified number of hours.
(2)  The number of hours specified in a community service order in relation to an offence must not exceed 500, or the number of hours prescribed by the regulations in respect of the class of offences to which the offence belongs, whichever is the lesser.


What is a WDO?

Work and Development Orders (WDO) are made by Revenue NSW to allow eligible people who:

  • have a mental illness
  • intellectual disability or cognitive impairment,
  • are homeless,
  • are experiencing acute economic hardship,
  • have a serious addiction to drugs/alcohol/volatile substances

to satisfy their fine debt through unpaid work with an approved organisation or by undertaking certain courses or treatment. A WDO can only be made if an application is supported by an approved organisation, or in the case of medical/mental health treatment, a health practitioner qualified to provide that treatment.


What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole places job seekers in activities where they can gain skills and experience that give back to the community and can help them find a job.  Eligible job seekers registered with a jobactive provider will need to participate in Work for the Dole or another approved activity for six months each year to keep receiving their income support if they have mutual obligation requirements.


Volunteer Agreement

All volunteers will be required to complete the following form:

Volunteer Agreement Form

Volunteer Policy and Procedures

Once a volunteer is approved to commence with the Oasis Centre Wyong, they will be referred to the next Program Induction and will be required to comply with the following Oasis Centre Wyong policies and procedures:

Code of Conduct

Privacy Declaration

Smoking Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

New volunteers that will be assigned to unsupervised programs will be required to provide us with a NSW Working with Children clearance PRIOR to commencement.  If you do not have a WWC you can apply here - NSW Working with Children Check.

All new approved volunteers will be advised whether they require this check.  

All new Volunteers will then be provided the appropriate training in the program area they will be supporting.  

Our volunteer statistics 

Types of Volunteers


Community Helpers


Community Service


Student Vocational Placements 


School Student Placements


Work Development Order 


Work for the Dole




Total Volunteers


Last updated:  October 2017