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Partner with Oasis

Why partner with the Oasis Centre Wyong?

Our community, the Wyong Shire has a high level of disadvantage.  There is a great urgency for us all to work collaboratively and creatively to alleviate this disadvantage for our local people, and particularly the risk of homelessness and all the consequences that result from being homeless. 

Many of the people in our community who are homeless, at risk or disadvantaged can be very difficult to engage.  They do connect with the Oasis Centre Wyong for essential services, welfare assistance, emergency food, to use our showers and laundry facilities.  We have a small window of opportunity to connect these people to the support services they need. 

Wyong Council's vision is to provide communities that are vibrant, caring and connected with a sense of belonging and pride in our local neighbourhood.  We need your help to provide these essential services for our community.  We need your help to provide innovative early intervention programs to stop the cycle of disadvantage.  We need your help to grow our local community.

Partner with our programs

We are seeking community partnerships to better resource and expand some of our existing programs and services.   We are also reactive to the needs of the community and very happy to work with community partners to research, trial and develop new programs to alleviate the disadvantage in our local area and provide opportunities for our community to grow.  If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with the Oasis Centre at Wyong please contact Toni on 43539799.