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Wadalba Community School Year 8 girls - CONFIDENT ME

July 2018

I really enjoyed having someone to talk to, pushing myself out of my comfort zones and getting to know other girls in my year.


The Entrance High Year 11 boys - RAGE

June 2018

I really enjoyed this program, it helped me to identify my triggers and relate with other people.


The Entrance High Year 12 boys - THE OASIS PROGRAM

June 2018

I really enjoyed talking about different topics that are not normally discussed, it was good to be able to talk openly.



September 2017

Popped in a few moments ago to the Cafe to get a cup of coffee for the first time. Best latte I've had in the area. I've been working in Wyong for about 5 months now and it's been hard to get a decent coffee (it's very hit and miss and many places are inconsistent).

Had lunch there yesterday too, the Turkish toastie with avocado, chicken and aioli was delightful and full of flavour. Great work guys


Jeffery - VOLUNTER

August 2017

Great people love staff and I like volunteering my time.


Aaron - CLIENT

August 2017

All the staff are great there and they have very useful facilities for everyone that needs them!



March 2017

What a wonderful place, great coffee Delish Breky wrap and lovely surroundings and the grocery shop as well Definitely be back



August 2016 

The Drive for Life program at the Oasis Youth Centre Salvation Army helped me gain the most out of required driving hours. It taught me to become a safe driver and be aware of my surroundings. It had previously been very difficult to gain hours. As I did not have a mother, father or anyone else with their full licence able to help me. So the program played a big part in getting my P’s.

The volunteers I learnt to drive with were always helpful and friendly. I was always keen for my next lesson.

Within my time at the the Salvation Army I also learned that if I ever need to seek guidance or help I can always turn to the Salvation Army. So if I have a friend in need I would know exactly where to point them and I would recommend this program to others in need of help.


Sebastian - WORK FOR THE DOLE - Oasis Shop

March 2016 

The things I have enjoyed most about the Oasis Centre at Wyong are the friendly atmosphere, entertaining work and excellent leadership.  The staff explained each task clearly and were supportive during the learning stage.  The culture at this Centre is vibrant, friendly, supportive and helpful.  The reason I am leaving this program is I am moving onto university in Sydney.  



March 2016 

Thank you for organising such a wonderful experience for the Brigidine girls whilst on "Street Retreat" on the Central Coast.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed their time at Oasis - Bill.  Thank you for accepting us into your Centre and being so inclusive and welcoming to us.  You have left us with many memorable experiences that will forever stay with us.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  We will be forever grateful - the girls. 


Trish - STUDENT PLACEMENT - Diploma in Community Services

October 2015 

 I am a Diploma of Community Services student studying online via OTEN.  I have been fortunate enough to undertake my 240 hours of work/student placement at the Oasis Youth Centre/Wyong.  The community services sector has been a completely new avenue for me and it has been daunting to take those first steps towards a different path in life.  The staff at Oasis have not only made this learning curve a positive experience for me, but they have contributed greatly in reinforcing my decision to pursue a career in community work.  I was easily able to integrate my student hours around my work/family life and the Oasis team were very obliging in helping me achieve my student requirements.  Some of the Community and Youth related events/programs I was able to participate in were: Court Support, Good Sports, Community Support Desk, Youth Interagency Meetings, and the Community Xmas Lunch. A particular thanks to my two mentors, Natalie and Toni.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge has been inspirational and I’d like to think that some of your passion and goodwill has rubbed off on me for use in my future studies/career.  The staff and volunteers at the Oasis Centre are committed to supporting our local community.  Staffing resources are continually stretched however the staff are constantly adapting their services to ensure the community’s needs are met.  Their never-ending compassion is truly motivating and I encourage other students to approach the centre for their placement.   This enriching experience has been greatly appreciated.



September 2014 

I would like to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to participate in the Positive Pathways program last year.  I had been a stay at home mum for just on 10 years, lacking confidence and self-esteem and I was struggling to find my way back into the world before I began Positive Pathways.  Throughout the time I spent here, I refreshed my computer skills, learnt some new skills and most importantly, I got to connect with other women, who like myself were here for similar reasons. This helped me come to the realization I wasn’t alone nor was I the only one dealing with issues that I thought, were exclusive to me . Coming to this centre really helped me out of the depression I had found myself in.  The staff are so supportive and understanding and made the time that I spent here so rewarding and fulfilling. I cannot speak highly enough of Toni who facilitated the program and the volunteers who also helped us along the journey. Their enthusiasm and caring manners are part of the reason why I feel this was so successful for me.  I would highly recommend this program to any woman out there who is struggling to find her way back into the work force, or if they just need to connect with other women to get out of the rut they have found themselves in.  Once again, thank you to The Oasis Team for making such a positive impact on my life. I will never forget the experience I had here.


Katie - STUDENT PLACEMENT- Cert IV in Community Services

September 2014

I have had the absolute time of my life completing my work placement at Oasis Youth Centre at Wyong. Every kid I've come across has shown me how much I am in the exact industry I want to be in. Not a day went by, that I wasn't excited to get up for work and spend time with some of the best kids I've come across. To top it off, the staff has been absolutely amazing and contributed so much of their guidance, wisdom, and knowledge to help me along. Both the kids I've worked with, and the staff I've worked alongside have made this one of the best experiences I could ever ask for, and I would not change a single thing. It was an absolute pleasure work with all of them; kids and workers. So glad this was the beginning, and I can't wait for the rest to come. 


Jacob - VOLUNTEER - Red Shield Collector

June 2014

In a world that is seemingly focused on itself, it is always refreshing when a person chooses to go against the flow to help those less fortunate then themselves.  Jacob volunteered with his parents to collect for the Red Shield Appeal.  This was Jacob’s first taste of helping those who are less fortunate than himself.  Recently Jacob celebrated his ninth birthday at the Oasis Youth Centre, using our Drop In Centre and Rock Wall with family and friends. When his mother explained where his birthday party was being held and what our Centre does and who we help, he was deeply touched. Jacob knowing that there were people in the community who needed help, he decided to donate all of his birthday presents to Centre Manager, Robyn Bust to distribute to those in need.  For this act of generosity from someone so young we think he is one of Oasis’ little legends. I’m sure we can all learn something from his courageous act of generosity!


Fiona - VOCATIONAL TRAINING - Cert III in Business Administration

April 2014

Before I started this course I was wondering how I was going to take the first step.  I had lost belief in myself; I was stuck and had become disconnected through a series of losses and disappointments.  I realise now I just had to surround myself with people who believed in me till I started BELIEVING in myself.  I knew I had the capability, but I had lost trust in myself.  Now I have confidence, belief and trust.  To me this equals SUCCESS.  Thank you to all for your kindness, encouraging words, time and prayers.  It has made the difference in my transition from the old to the new. For this I am forever grateful.