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Our Values

TODAY over yesterday

Whilst we recognise the impact the past can have on each one of us, we value and emphasise the fresh opportunities of today. We see ourselves and our community as people in progress, rather than products of the past, and we believe yesterday does not dictate tomorrow.

TOGETHER over alone

We affirm the individual stories, passions and talents of each person, but we believe potential is multiplied in community.  We see greater strength in a team of ordinary people than a group of solo artists or super heroes.  We believe connection gives meaning and purpose to our lives. 

TRUTH over fear

When something is causing a problem we do not ignore it or try to tiptoe around it.  We believe truth shines light in the darkness and shows us where we need to change and grow.  We deal honestly with things that would keep us from moving forward and seek truth even when it may be difficult. 

GRACE over judgement

We recognise our imperfections and deeply value forgiveness and reconciliation.  Whilst we will not ignore real problems, we will respond to them with love expressed through grace.  Our environment is one where mistakes are seen as opportunities and second chances are freely available. 

PROACTIVE over reactive

We recognise that on any day a thousand things demand our attention.  To create lasting change we choose forward planning, prioritising the important, and responding thoughtfully rather than simply reacting in each moment.  We strive to be 'ahead of the game' while operating with integrity and initiative. 

PEOPLE over paperwork

Admin is important. Paperwork is necessary. But people will always come first in all our dealings. The living, breathing person before us takes precedence over the day to day tasks that compete for our attention.