Driving Program

Driving Programs

Drivin’ 4 Employment, Education and Training

Drivin’ 4 Employment, Education and Training is a driver training program run in partnership with City of Sydney since 2008. The program has been designed to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to get their provisional driver’s license and gain their independence.

The program provides enormous opportunities for our young people by opening them up to a wider range of education, training and employment possibilities as well as alleviating day-to-day stresses for our young parents.

This program promotes safe driving through participation in road safety days, accredited training to develop basic driving skills. We have an incredible group of volunteers who also assist the young people to build up their required driving hours.

Based in the City of Sydney, the program is committed to teaching disadvantaged young people the skills necessary to drive safely, responsibly and defensively in a caring and respectful environment.

Drive for Life

Driving for Life is a driving program run by The Salvation Army since 2011. Beginning in Western Sydney (Penrith) and Wyong.

The Drive for Life program aims not only to help at-risk and disadvantaged young people secure their driver’s licence, but also provides them with the vital skills necessary to drive safely, responsibly, defensively and confidently for life.

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