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Speak Life Teaching Series

Throughout August and Spetember we will be looking at the life changing power of the tongue. Jesus teaches us that we hold life and death in the words we speak, so for the next 2 months we are dedicated our teaching series to looking at the power we hold and the responsibility we have to use it. 

Latest news

  • Church Bonfire

    Church Bonfire

    This week at Northlakes, in addition to our Double Service Sunday, we have something special happening after the night gathering - A Church Bonfire!  Yep, straight after the 6PM service we will b...

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  • Salt and Light Devotion

    Salt and Light Devotion

    When I was young I used to work in an Italian delicatessen, and I still remember how the meat smelled if it was left out too long, as it spoiled and became rotten. In ancient times, salt was rubbed in...

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  • Northies Kids Safety

    Northies Kids Safety

    Here at Northakes Salvos we LOVE kids, which is good, because we have a lot of them. And because we love them so much, we always want to do our best to keep them safe. With this in mind, the...

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