LIFE: Which Jesus have you met?

14 August 2009 by Jarrod Newton

Which Jesus have you met?

What's inside?

Week 1: Friend. Jesus didn't behave like a king. Instead he chose to live among the community, hanging out with people hated and ignored by society's upper class.

Week 2: Prophet. Just like so many old testament heroes, Jesus was a man of miracles.

Week 3: Healer. Jesus wasn’t just focused on the big picture, he was also committed to meeting the needs of individual people.

Week 4: Rebel. Jesus wasn’t a man who just preached love and forgiveness, he was a man prepared to take a stand against injustice and corruption, no matter the cost.

Week 5: Saviour. Take a look at the man who was prepared to pay the ultimate price so that we could ejnoy the ultimate freedom.

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Which Jesus have you met?

This five-week series is all about the hero of our faith: Jesus. Throughout the series we’ll look at five distinct and unique stories that reveal different perspectives of Jesus life and character.

The five stories used are all taken from the Gospel of Mark, and the series has been put together in a way to make it easy for your group to read the whole book of Mark together.

This series also provides an opportunity for everyone in your group to share their personal story of how they met Jesus for the first time.

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  1. Hey been lovin the life stuff so far..made it heaps easier to do small groups :)

    reckon this one looks pretty sweet if ur a small group leader and ur not using this stuff.....ur crazy! haha

    Thanks team for ur awesome work..

  2. @Joe Golden:

    Thanks Joe! Really appreciate the feedback! So glad that you guys are finding it useful and that it's actually making a difference.

  3. hey this is awesome cant wait to start the new resource!
    you've made up a five week series - does this mean that in a month or so we should expect another 5 sessions??
    hit me back homeboiis and giirls

  4. @cam:

    Hey Cam!

    Yep mate, the plan is that we'll release not 1 but 2 (TWO!!) 5-week series at the start of every school term. Plus our FAQ page contains some ideas on what to do if you want to keep meeting over the school holidays or if it's an 11-week term or something like that.

    Our target release date for the 2 term 4 series Friday 2 October.


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