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New Life Community Church & Centre

Manly Salvos are a community of people who care for one another and who are searching for and growing deeper in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

We acknowledge our humanity and fallibility and therefore, we offer patience, tolerance and forgiveness to each other. We believe that the Spirit of God calls us to continual growth and maturity in him.

We are part of an international movement – which is part of the universal Christian Church. We choose to live according to the teaching of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. Our motivation to live our lives this way comes from our love for God.  We choose to worship God because of the incredible love he shows us through Jesus Christ.

We believe that Christianity is practiced best through serving our local community.



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Water project brings hope to struggling farmers

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Bringing "waters of life" to rural communities is at the heart of the Dalara Foundation’s “tanks and pipes” project, started by Salvation Army supporters Allan and Lyn Davies.

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