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Your Local Salvos

Your Local Salvos

There are 100s of different ways to get involved with your local community.

Whether you're interested in volunteering, spirituality, or just looking to make new friends, your local Salvos is a place that could help. We promise that everyone is welcome.

Use the search form above to find your local Salvos, and add a search keyword if you're looking for something in particular. For example, 'bible', 'cafe', 'prayer', 'music', 'worship', 'youth'. 

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Gifts over $2 to the social work of The Salvation Army in Australia are tax deductible. Details

  • ABNs:
  • 46 891 896 885 (NSW)
  • 22 035 976 360 (QLD)
  • 52 609 689 893 (Overseas Aid)

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