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Christmas budgeting tips

Christmas budgeting tips

A budget is a very important tool and will help guide you through this time of the year when we tend to spend excessively.

Ideas to help you balance your Christmas budget

1. Tips

Visit the Moneysmart website. This is an excellent place to start before Christmas to get your budget in order.

2. Plan the menu

Start preparing now with what type of food you want at Christmas. You can start getting non perishables now and not pay the extra because it is Christmas and they will be in high demand. We've asked some well-known Aussie chefs for easy and affordable Christmas lunch ideas; click here for recipes from Bill Granger, Janelle Bloom, Maggie Beer and others.

3. Gift lists

Look at what gifts you have to buy and what family members you are purchasing for. Make up a list so that you do not double up. You don't always need to purchase gifts; homemade ones are a great idea as well. 

4. Choosing the right gift

When choosing their gifts look at what that family member likes or is interested in. Teenagers love gift cards so that they can purchase items that they want. Click here for more tips on Christmas shopping.

5. Family activities

Look at family activities over the Christmas period that will not be excessively expensive. There are many activities that are being done so join in the fun. Here are some affordable ideas for school holiday activities.

6. Plan ahead

Look at planning from November onwards and make out your to do list so that each week something is being done and there is less stress as the big day approaches.

7. Enjoy

When all is done then just sit back, relax and look forward to next Christmas.

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