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Brisbane Street Level 

is all about finding ways

to encourage & support people

who really want to change & grow

& live life with a new

power & purpose.

 Our Vision

We see a place that supports & encourages people who really want to change & grow

We see a place where people can discover the life transforming love & power of Jesus

We see a place where people are living life to the full, set free from the power of sin & addiction 

We see people equipped & empowered who are changing our city & our world!

 We will partner with groups & organizations in Brisbane who are seeking to help people in crisis or in desperate need of help. Many people are homeless & some have life threatening health issues or ongoing addictions that impact their key relationships & quality of life.

We will reach out & meet needs where we can & refer on where necessary.


Some of these people have taken steps to change & grow but often find there are not the necessary ongoing supports & so keep falling back to old habits & lifestyles. For many it just becomes too hard.


We are finding this is an area of great need that is vastly under resourced & so will be our key target group.

We will seek to build relationships, & run programs & events that build a sense of community where people can feel valued & loved & find a place where they can truly belong. We believe in wholeness & holiness!

 We care & are passionate about helping others because we have experienced for ourselves what it means to be truly valued & loved.

We believe the greatest love of all is the love of God which we can start to understand when we look at the life & sacrificial death of Jesus.

Many people are looking for something better, something more, something worth living & dying for. Brisbane Street Level  offers something so much better