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Accountability App – Keeping Things Simple.

2 June 2014 by | Comments

Would you hold me accountable for like, stuff?

I don’t know how many times I have heard these words (it’s a lot). I have spoken similar words myself many times over the years. Here’s what tends to happen…..nothing. While many youth leaders long for the moment when a young person wants help to grow and change, it so often gets problematic after that initial question. Sometimes, in our eagerness to be that accountability help, we fail to work out what healthy accountability will look like.

The Next Questions.

What specific things would you like to be accountable for? What kind of questions will be helpful? How often should we address these areas? How can we make sure you are comfortable to be completely honest? How can we track progress? These are just a few of the questions that should be addressed before signing on an accountability partner. Because accountability can be difficult it is important to clarify and simplify the process in whatever way possible.

Accountability Partner App.

Is there an app for that? If you are looking for solutions try using one of the accountability apps developed specifically to help you connect in a simple and non-threatening way. There are a bunch made for the individual to track their web activity but few made specifically for Christian accountabillity partnerships. See the link below for the Accountability Partner App for Christians:


It’s just ONE element.

This tool can help you to customise your accountability questions but should not replace meeting face to face.  Emails should not replace your personal engagement. This tool can be used alongside the pocket mentoring guide, see:   https://salvos.org.au/blogs/youthleadership/?s=mentoring

Be sure to consider safe practise as you use any accountability tool. Are the questions you are asking appropriate to be asking your accountability partner? If holding a young person accountable does anyone else (church leaders, parents) know about this relationship? Have you kept records of your interactions? Do you know when you should be reporting what you hear? Be smart.

Keep it simple. There’s an app for that.


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Find your 50-year-old youth leaders

12 December 2013 by | Comments

In September this year we had a huge bunch of young people graduating year 12 (at different schools) on the same day.


Some might have seen this as a problem (how could our team in 6 places at once?!) but our wise youth pastor saw an opportunity.


She invited a bunch of adults from our broader congregation to be involved in supporting and celebrating these graduations.


Below is a pic of one of our youth group girls with 50 year old legend Leanne.

Our precious graduate was so incredibly thankful to have Leanne there and it was a super special thing for Leanne too!


We’ve said it here before many times, but I wanted to highlight again that engaging the broader congregation in the lives of young people is unbelievably powerful and mutually beneficial!

Resource: The Sweet Spot

3 December 2013 by | Comments

When an adult offers to volunteer in our youth ministries we are more likely to believe we are being punk’d than the fact that a genuine offer may be on the table. Maybe because of this we usually aren’t ready to use them well.

The most common thing we do is lock them into our area of greatest need. It might look like dropping kids home, preparing the supper, clean up at the end of the night but it likely won’t keep them motivated for the long-term.

What if we helped all available volunteers to find their sweet spot? By putting them in the area they are wired to serve in we just may keep some great volunteers for the long haul.

The Sweet Spot helps a volunteer discover what their passions are, where they are suited to lead and who they have a burden to serve through completing 3 evaluations. It’s a great tool for a youth leader and just $4.95.

You can buy these at https://youthministry360.com/products/sweet-spot

We have one here in the office to post out to a keen youth leader so let us know in the comments section why you need a copy.

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The New Youth Alpha – Highly recommended!

12 September 2013 by | Comments

It’s an awesome ‘Intro to Christianity’ course but it’s also just a must-have resource for ANY youth ministry.

Packed with games, analogies, movie references, stories, tips for lead leading small groups, and so much more it is so worth the $50 investment

Whatever your youth look like I cannot recommend this resource strongly enough.

If you like super engaging, youth-relevant, exceptional quality teaching resources THIS IS FOR YOU!

You can purchase it here or view samples here.

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Pocket Mentoring Guide

3 September 2013 by | Comments

Youth Leadership Blog – Simple Mentoring Guide

Hey legendary Youth Leaders!

Have you seen the ‘Simple Mentoring Guide’ yet? If you were at either YMC’s you should have come away receiving at least 3 of them, we were literally throwing them at you!

The ‘Simple Mentoring Guide’ is designed to help you mentor and disciple the next generation. It’s real simple, small and easy to use. It makes mentoring accessible for everyone.

There are 5 key focus areas in the guide with appropriate questions to ask for each section. The guide is simply used as a tool to facilitate discussion during a mentoring session, and ensure you are making the most out of mentoring. There are also a whole bunch of FAQs about mentoring on the MORE website that can be found here https://salvos.org.au/more/mentoring/

If you believe that mentoring is an important tool in making disciples like we do, then grab a whole bunch for you and your team for free! Go to https://salvos.org.au/more/mentoring/ to place an order.

Ways to engage young people with your community

15 July 2013 by | Comments

Engaging and involving young people in the community is something we’re always being challenged about at //ONEIGHTY youth, Menai. Here are 4 tools we have used to do so.

Serve Nights

Although our serve nights were about practically loving and serving our community, the vision behind them was to develop a spirit of generosity and servant hearts in our young people. We hold them once a term and do things

  • baking cookies for the surrounding houses
  • write encouraging letters
  • wash cars
  • clean the church
  • pick up rubbish
  • take trolley’s back to trolley bays etc.

We found that young people have an innate desire to seek justice and make a difference. Plus, it was heaps of fun!

Red Shield After Party

The Red Shield After Party was about making the most of the opportunities and maximizing our community influence. We get over 300 Red Shield Appeal volunteers every year from the local High Schools. This year was our third annual Red Shield After Party. This is not only a great way to encourage the kids who are already at youth to join in supporting their church by collecting, but it’s also an awesome way to reach out to students that volunteer for the Red Shield Appeal.
We invite all kids who’ve been collecting to come to the Party later that night. The purpose is to show gratitude and appreciation to those who helped us out, build relationships with young people from the community, link them to our youth ministry and sew Kingdom seeds for God to grow.

Mega Mates Night!

The vision behind Mega Mates is to challenge our young people to take ownership of growing their youth ministry, and that world change starts with them. The goal is for every student to bring at least one friend to youth and to see our youth ministry “double-in-a-day”.

We pull out the big guns for this one:

  • jumping castle (’cause you’re never too old)
  • live bands
  • game stalls
  • op shop
  • temporary tattoos
  • food
  • the works!

All in the hope that we can reach out to an even broader group of youth and see more and more young people encounter Jesus.

Prayer Ministry

One thing we have tried recently with the brave is street prayer ministry or “treasure hunts”. We get into small groups of young people, seek God, listen to His voice and ask for any ‘words of knowledge’ He might give us. From there, we share what God was saying then go out in the streets and pray for people and share God’s love.
We’ve only tried it a few times but have seen knees healed, uneven legs grow and people touched by God. But the greatest thing is watching the faith of young people grow as they step out of their comfort zone and activate their faith!

Written by Courtney Williams (Youth Leader) and Matt Godkin (Youth Ministry Coordinator) from Menai Corps – Sydney East & Illawarra division


2 May 2013 by | Comments

I recently had a good friend of mine – Phil Sutcliffe forward me this great innovative youth ministry website.


This website is seriously phenomenal!


Here you can find heaps of tips and resources on:

- Tips on how to use social media well in youth ministry

- The best way to bulk text to your youth ministry

- Free E books

- The latest apps available to serve you and your ministry

- Free design work, screen backgrounds and videos to use in your youth church service


I hope this innovative site helps you as you plan and prepare week in and week out.



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18 April 2013 by | Comments

Looking for a DJAY at your youth ministry every week!?

Let your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch do the work for you.

DJAY App (available on the app store) is currently available for the low price of $0.99


This app allows you to:

- Smoothly transition between songs

- Change the pitch and tempo of a song

- Have 2 songs running at the same time

- Have your playlist run with DJAY perfection


Music is such a great way to set positive atmosphere.

Enjoy your music sounding that bit more pro this week at youth.

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Know your community?

17 February 2013 by | Comments

The past 3 months I have been working on a research project throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

In this time time I have discovered in a deeper way the importance of knowing the heart of God for your community and simply knowing your community before any new “ministry” is established.


Throughout this time I have simply been doing 2 things:

1. Seeking the heart of Jesus for the community – asking Holy Spirit to reveal the greatest needs of the community and the solution too!

2. Seeking the heart of community leaders – asking them what are the biggest challenges in the community and how we as a Salvation Army could partner in being a part of the solution.


Holy Spirit has certainly lead me in to the right areas – this has been confirmed time and time again (in a freaky way) by community leaders identifying the exact needs that God has made obvious.


To break it down a little it looked like this:

- Asking my Corps Officer what her prayer points have been over the past few years

- Driving through the Eastern Suburbs asking Holy Spirit to reveal the deep needs of my community (found it heaps helpful playing “God of this City” while driving around)

- Asking God to activate my faith to believe for much much more!!

- Meeting with key people in my community (police, council, schools, youth centres, shopping centre management etc…)

- Using a website that gathers your communities demographics and highlights the needs for your region: www.id.com.au

God has made the needs of his people so obvious – the greatest thing I have come to notice too is that He has also provided the solution and that He is way ahead of me and my understanding and that I’m simply playing catch up.

I hope this helps you in delving deeper in to your local community.

MORE Team feedback!

21 January 2013 by | Comments

Hi there amazing youth leaders!

Hope your 2013 has started brilliantly.

This year, we here at the MORE team are more committed than ever to helping you lead a healthy, disciple-making youth ministry.

Could you spare 10 minutes to help us do just that?

We’ve put together a little survey that looks at the stuff we’ve been doing, and the things we could start doing to support you better.

Your feedback will help us spend our time wisely in the days & months ahead.

Most of the questions are easy multiple choice, but there’s space to write stuff too if you’re keen.

Oh! And if helping us help you isn’t incentive enough, we’ll be randomly selecting one respondent to receive a pair of free YMC tickets and 10 other respondents to receive a $25 iTunes card each.

You can do the survey by clicking this link:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WZTK8L2

Thanks in anticipation!

Praying for you as you kick off another awesome year in youth ministry,


About us.

How do we get better at youth ministry?

That’s a question we’re asking ourselves all the time, so we started a blog to collect our thoughts and hopefully include you in the conversation too.

We – Claire, Nate, Shandri and Matt – work together at The Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and are responsible for supporting and resourcing Salvation Army youth ministries throughout NSW, QLD and ACT.