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Job Vacancy - Disciple

Want a job? Fancy a change of scene or are you looking for a role with real purpose? Looking for inspirational leadership? Look no further and apply today. What follows is a modern job description compiled from various things Jesus said to his early followers. To the right, in the middle column and below the job add you can find three modern courses that could help you to get to grips with this rewarding but challenging position.

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Job title

Follower of the way

Employer details

Jesus of Nazareth


Flexible. You will essentially be a field worker fulfilling the requirements of the role in your local community. You will be prepared to leave the security of home behind at certain times.

Role and purpose

You are to live as Jesus taught, and follow his example.

Responsibility, timescale and nature of the role

Ideal candidate profile

  • You will be clear about your priorities – loving your family must come second to loving your employer.
  • Loving Jesus even more than your own life you will be highly commended.
  • You will be prepared to undertake suffering as and when it is required of the job, taking up your cross each day.
  • You will also be someone with focus and determinations; once you undertake a task you must give it your full attention, ploughing for example.

Qualifications and experience required

  • Past experience as a miscreant of some kind is often a bonus although you will be expected to put any harmful practices behind you.
  • The ideal candidate won’t be a worrier. Particularly about food security and clothing.
  • Understanding of agricultural metaphors will help.

Salary or salary guide

  • Whilst not paying a salary in the conventional sense you will undertake your position on the following understanding. 
  • Be prepared to sell all your possessions and give to the poor.
  • Freely you have received, freely give.
  • When travelling do not take money, a bag, spare clothes or shoes.
  • Whoever follows Jesus, will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

Now a Christian

This broad based 35 day induction course aims to help you make sense of the first stages of following Jesus.

Word Live

This is daily in-service training, giving you some ongoing work to do every day.

Foundations 21

This is more specialist training enabling you to dig deeper into each of the Gospels and background to them.

Visit each of the sites and see which course suits you best or try them out for a while and see if you get on with them. There is a closing date for applications but we have no information on when it will be.