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Senior Soldier

The Salvation Army takes seriously the fact Adults can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

All Christians can live out their faith on a daily basis and be wonderful ambassadors for Jesus. In The Salvation Army a follower of Jesus and member of The Army is called an Adherent. However The Salvation Army encourages all its members to not only respond to Jesus but also choose to live a life of radical discipleship.

Soldiership is an extra opportunity for you to take a more radical covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, similar to a marriage between a man and woman. In a marriage you wear a ring to formalise the commitment, as a Soldier you wear a uniform. It is a declaration that because you believe certain things you will behave in certain ways, including abstaining from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.  Click here to see the Soldiers Covenant.

Can you live the Christian life without signing on the dotted line? Of Course you can! But here is an opportunity to show your world, your family and friends, that life has so much more to offer than the norm - and it's all found in Jesus.

Salvation Army Soldiership takes sacrifice and passion! It means stepping up and stepping out to radically show this world the love of Christ. This requires discipline, energy, and self-sacrifice.

Check out this video which speaks about Soldiership when the Salvation Army first commenced.

The Army must be a mobilised force of goodness if we are to be effective in mission.

We need soldiers who love and care for their family, friends, enemies, social networks and wider community! We need passionate, progressive, Spirit-filled soldiers!

If you are already a Christian and would like to consider becoming a Salvation Army Soldier, or if you're not and you want to know more then please email us or call 0439 490 658 for a chat.