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The Salvation Army takes seriously the fact Adults can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. To recognise the decision you have made The Salvation Army encourages all adults to publically witness this reality.

An adherent member of The Salvation Army is a person over the age of 14 who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and seeks to follow and be like him; participates in living out this new life in Christ in their local community by supporting the local Salvation Armys work in their area; and identifies with the Army's Mission Statement.

The Salvation Army affirms all who sign the certificate, recognises this as a positive step in a personal journey and pledges ongoing encouragement and pastoral guidance as this journey of faith unfolds.

Adherency Classes are frequently offered. If you are interested in becoming an Adherent in The Salvation Army then please contact us or call Lieutenants Peter and Diane Hobbs on 0439 490 658.