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Territorial Leadership

 The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory Leadership

Colonel Mark Campbell

Chief Secretary in Charge

Mark was commissioned with his wife Julie as Officers of The Salvation Army in January 1986. They had the privilege to serve in Corps, Divisional and Territorial appointments throughout their years of service. They have both been Training Officers at the School for Officer Training and Divisional Leaders of the South QLD Division. Mark has served as Divisional Public Relations Secretary in the ACT and South NSW and South QLD Divisions including an appointment as Territorial Public Relations Secretary. Prior to arriving in this appointment Mark was the Secretary for Business Administration. Mark holds a Bachelor of Administrative Leadership, UNE and Master of Arts in Theological Studies, SCD. Mark was a delegate to the International College for Officers in London and is also a graduate of the Arrow International Executive Leadership program.


Colonel Julie Campbell


Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries and Training Principal, School for Officer Training

Julie commenced work as a Dental Nurse prior to entering the Officer Training College with her husband Mark in 1984. They were commissioned as Officers of The Salvation Army in January 1986. Julie has also served as Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary in two divisions - ACT and South NSW and South Queensland and has held appointments on Territorial Headquarters in Personnel and Women’s Ministries. Julie has completed courses in Leadership, Pastoral Care, Coaching, and Spiritual Formation and was appointed as a delegate to the International College for Officers in London.


Lieutenant-Colonel Laurie Robertson

Secretary for Program

During his officership, Lieut-Colonel Laurie Robertson has served in church and divisional leadership, communications, editorial and territorial positions. Prior to attending The Salvation Army Training College in 1978, he was a journalist in Broken Hill. Lieut-Colonel Robertson has been The Salvation Army National Editor-in-Chief in Australia, Divisional Commander for Central and North Queensland and the Army’s International Communications Secretary, Editor-in-Chief and Literary Secretary.

Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Reid

Secretary for Personnel

Over the past 26 years in Salvation Army Officership Chris Reid has held a number of positions leading and pioneering Corps (churches), working in mentoring new leaders and as Coordinator for Inspire (Leadership Development) and the Divisional Mission and Resource Director for Corps. Prior to this appointment Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Reid was appointed as Assistant Secretary for Personnel of The Salvation Army, Australia Eastern Territory.



Lieutenant-Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge


Secretary for Business Administration

Lieutenant Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge is an Officer in The Salvation Army’s Australia Eastern Territory. He is currently holding the position of Secretary for Business Administration. Kelvin has been a Salvation Army Officer for over thirty years entering the Training College in Bexley North, Sydney in 1981. His previous appointment was as the Divisional Commander for the Central and North Queensland Division. Kelvin has also served as a Corps Officer, Divisional Youth & Candidates Secretary and Divisional Secretary & 2IC. He has a Bachelor of Professional Studies and Master in Administrative Leadership with the University of New England and has a keen interest in Change Management and Organisational Change.

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