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Stories & Testimonials

Moneycare gives Raj hope and a new future

18 October 2016

2007 was going to be a big year for Raj and his family. He was turning 50, and was just about to retire after a successful career and good investment choices. His son was turning 21, his daughter 18, and he and his wife were looking forward to celebr...

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Salvation Army Emergency Services responds to flooding at Forbes

26 September 2016

Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) volunteers are assisting in the relief effort, as major flooding spreads across the Central West of...

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Reborn and free

23 September 2016

David Oliver thought about suicide to end his long and debilitating dependence on illegal drugs. At a critical time, his concerned father su...

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Eddie McGuire: Not all black and white

9 September 2016

Salvo Major Brendan Nottle met McGuire in 1999 at the footy. Like McGuire, Major Nottle is a fervent Collingwood supporter and he went on to...

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Service is in Lizzie's DNA

8 September 2016

18-year-old Elizabeth Archer knows how to handle herself in an emergency. With her father, Norm, Elizabeth has grown up in service to her lo...

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Wherever there's a need, we'll be there

6 September 2016

Daniel Taylor has served in the thick of floods, fires, and missing-persons searches. Yet he’s not a police officer, an ambulance off...

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Behind the scenes in our Army of Hope

5 September 2016

Eighty-year-old Patricia has been volunteering with The Salvation Army’s Emergency Services for more than 15 years, yet you’ll...

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Australia's Heart for PNG still strong after 60 years

26 August 2016

Ministry in Papua New Guinea has always been close to the hearts of many Australia Eastern Territory officers.

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Salvos Stores a vast and untapped mission field

23 August 2016

In 2014, running frontline residential crisis services for the homeless, Majors Hector and Melba Crisostomo wondered at first how God would...

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