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Stories & Testimonials

World Social Work Day

21 March 2017

Today is World Social Work Day, a day to recognise and celebrate the unique and significant contributions of the social work profession. We chat to Heather Moore about social work and modern slavery.

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Wyong cafe to benefit unemployed youth

23 February 2017

A Salvation Army-run cafe on the NSW Central Coast has been set up with the intention of training young people for the workforce.

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Moneycare the catalyst for lasting change

6 February 2017

When Sydney resident Telly hit her mid-30s, she realised she had nothing to show for her life. She knew she needed to change before things s...

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A life-changing investment

30 January 2017

Jason Poutawa was 10 when he, his mother and brother moved into a government housing estate in which youth riots, drugs and violence meant m...

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Moneycare: "They were there when I needed it"

23 January 2017

Anna is an independent, capable woman. The former police officer, flight attendant and then private investigator was living comfortably when...

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Salvos Store role enriches Liona's life

16 January 2017

The simple little acts of human kindness touch you and give you hope in knowing there are a lot of beautiful people out there in the communi...

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Honoured friends partner to restore pride

20 December 2016

Money bequeathed to The Salvation Army by Honoured Friends means capacity to deliver essential services to those Australians putting their h...

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Keeping Andrew's legacy alive

9 December 2016

Feby Chan, wife of Andrew Chan who was executed in Indonesia last year, talks to us about time with Andrew, and the heartache, anger, confus...

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Walking to end slavery

1 December 2016

This February I am undertaking a Project Futures three-day walk along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

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