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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009

Church life - overview

A Salvation Army officerThe Salvation Army is more than a Christian church.

The Salvation Army is a Christian denomination that stands with other mainstream denominations in proclaiming the message that faith in Jesus Christ and the change he brings is the only way to bring about significant change in the life of individuals, communities and nations.

The word `Salvation’ sums up our purpose as a Christian church - a church that has been mobilised like an Army to save people. We really are a Salvation Army! Because of this big vision we have a large variety of ministry centres serving many different needs with ‘heart to God and hand to humanity’.

Our churches, or corps as they are known internally, are a critical aspect of who we are. Check out the links below to find out more about church life in The Salvation Army.

Your local Salvo church

Keen to know more about what could be happening at your local Salvo church? This is the place to go to find out! Or you can click here to jump to a listing of over 180 Salvation Army churches throughout NSW, QLD and the ACT.

Do you already attend a Salvation Army church? You can now read the General's pastoral letters online.

Dedications, marriages and funerals

Dedications, marriages and funerals gives a brief summary of the ceremonies that Salvation Army officers perform for both church members and the wider community.


What is a Salvation Army soldier? What does it mean to 'put on' the Salvation Army uniform? Are there other ways that I can sign up to be a member of a Salvation Army church? Membership answers all the questions you have!