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The Oasis Documentary

Every night across Australia over 44,000 young people have nowhere to sleep.

Filmed over two years the Oasis documentary followed previous Director, Captain Paul Moulds, and the lives of a few young people who allowed us to see how rough life really is when living on the streets.

With scenes that some viewers may find confronting and frequent course language, this film accurately reflects life on the streets.

The Oasis documentary was produced by Shark Island Productions.  Find out more

The Oasis documentary is available for purchase online.

The documentary had a significant impact on the work of Oasis and contributed to making the issue of youth homelessness more visible in Australia. The response was breathtaking.



School Study Guide

A comprehensive school study guide, suitable for senior High School students, is available for all Australian schools. The study guide contains information about the making of The Oasis documentary and relevant student activities.


Note: the number of homeless people aged between 12 and 24 is 44,083 according to the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) Counting the Homeless report. Experts agree that this number is increasing due to the current economic climate. In addition, it is suggested by the ABS that youth homelessness, whilst over represented within the homeless community, is underestimated due to the incidence of couch surfing.