Learning that leads to a brighter future

WHEN: 23 June 2015

For young people who are socially disadvantaged, suffering from mental health issues or currently experiencing homelessness, everyday activities like attending school can be difficult in the extreme.

For some, re-engaging with mainstream schooling environments is simply not available to them. Behavioural and mental health issues,  less flexible learning models, homelessness and the financial burden of returning to a learning environment that is not able to provide the level of individual support that these young people need, can have a huge impact on their long-term prospects and development.

Alternative education programs that provide specialised and professional support to young people who have disengaged from mainstream schools, have suffered financially with recent government reforms and loss of Youth Connections funding.

Now, more than ever, we are looking to our community to take an active role in bettering the lives and opportunities available to the young people who access Oasis and our Education Centre – a program that works for the benefit of each young person and is tailored to suit individual learning preferences.

As a long-time supporter of Oasis, Mr Bruce Fink has chosen to support the Education Centre over many years because “the impact of education on a child’s life is profound and the work of Oasis has enabled many young people to gain skills for a better life through education”, he said.

Financial contributions have been part of this support, but Mr Fink has also been a regular attendee at graduation at the end of each school year.  He said that “attending the graduation ceremonies over the years has allowed [him] to witness first-hand the great work of Oasis which has produced extraordinary outcomes for young people”.

This year Mr Fink is helping to update and upgrade learning tools like textbooks, study guides, field guides and new technology for the Education Centre. It is a cause he feels strongly about because he has been raised to appreciate the value of education. “Education is key to young people carving out a future for a better life and I can think of very few causes that are more important than this”.

And now, thanks to Mr Fink we have additional resources to help improve the learning outcomes and futures of disadvantaged, at-risk and homeless young people in Sydney. We could not be more grateful!