How to Help

Send a Letter to our Prime Minister

Writing to our Prime Minister, The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, is an effective way for individuals to communicate their concerns to those in a position to make decisions that influence policy. When you write a letter, you are letting our government know the issues you are concerned about, and contributing to the critical mass needed to create action.

A few simple rules for writing letters

  1. Always be polite. Individuals and Ministers do not respond to abusive letters.
  2. It is good to give an indication of who you are and why youth homelessness is an important issue to you. Your willingness to raise this issue demonstrates to our elected representatives that people from all walks of life feel strongly about youth homelessness.
  3. Be brief. Sometimes a simple, short letter is adequate. You should write no more than one page, as long letters are less likely to be read.


A sample letter to the Federal Government

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP  
Prime Minister
Parliament House  

RE: Action Needed By Federal Government to End Youth Homelessness

Dear Prime Minister:

There are more than 44,000 Australians under 24 experiencing homelessness in Australia today and this is unacceptable.

Research indicates that many of our older homeless citizens began to experience homelessness as a young person, and the alleviation of youth homelessness will therefore have an impact on the entire homeless population.

I urge you to make the reduction of youth homelessness one of the top priorities on your Government’s agenda.

As a citizen of [INSERT NAME, TOWN, STATE], I support the Oasis Youth Support Network's The Couch Project movement to end youth homelessness.

Yours Sincerely,

Print Name: ______________________________________________________

Signature and Date: _______________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Send By Mail

Copy the above into a Word document, print, sign and post the letter to the Prime Minister at the address listed below.

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP      
Prime Minister
Parliament House   

Send By Email

Copy and paste the letter into the form provided on the Prime Minister's website 'Contact your PM'

 Visit 'Contact your PM'