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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009
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Children's Homes - Apology

From the 1894 to the 1970s The Salvation Army operated children's homes around Australia. The Salvation Army deeply regrets that not all the children in its care received the love and protection they deserved. Some of the children experienced great fear living with rigid and harsh discipline. Some became victims of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. The Salvation Army acknowledges its failure with those children.

The Salvation Army offers all persons who were hurt its unreserved apology.

If you have a grievance against The Salvation Army, please contact us. We will hear you.

The Salvation Army will encourage you to meet with a psychologist or professional counsellor to prepare a written statement and we will carry the cost of that. Then we will offer to meet with you so you can tell our representatives your story in person. The representatives will offer you a personal apology. The Salvation Army may be able to assist with cost of professional counselling. Where required we will cooperate fully with the police.

Contact The Professional Standards Office. (02) 92669878 or write to: The Salvation Army, Professional Standards Office, PO Box A435 Sydney South 1235.