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sydney east & illawarra.

Lieutenants Peter & Rebecca Gott 

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  • THE MOVEMENT - Kimberley Douglass

    THE MOVEMENT - Kimberley Douglass

    Kimberly Douglass shares her passion for Social Justice and how she is working to change... Watch now

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  • Jay Harley

    Music the bridge to meaningful worship

    "Jared, what a wonderful testimony. I loved reading your story. So inspirational. What an amazing ministry you have. I hear Ca..." by Jay Harley
  • Holly

    Justice Crew can sing too?

    "OMG justice crew is the best singing and dancing group I have ever seen" by Holly
  • livia

    Magic Carpet Relay

    "this sounds like a great games" by livia
  • James Young


    "I'm fully pumped for equip this year. Had an app set up on my iPad to countdown until equip, and slowly been watching the tim..." by James Young