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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009

Why give to the Salvos?

More of your money reaches the point of need

More than 80 cents in every dollar donated to The Salvation Army goes directly to those who need it most, like those who come into contact with our street teams and youth services.

In today's age of accountability and efficiency, people want to know that their charity is being responsible and effective with the money they receive. Here are some reasons why we believe The Salvation Army is so special.

One of Australia’s most-loved charities

The Salvation Army – affectionately known as the Salvos – is one of this country’s most loved organisations. The Salvation Army’s ‘Christianity with its sleeves rolled up’ ethos has endeared it to the Australian public. According to research:

  • 93% of people have favourable or very favourable feelings towards The Salvation Army*
  • The Red Shield Appeal is recognised by 92% of Australians**
  • The popular Salvation Army slogan ‘Thank God for the Salvos’ is recognised by 88% of Australians*
  • The Salvation Army uniform is recognised by 82% of Australians**

*June 2005 Newspoll study for The Salvation Army
**June 2001 Newspoll study for The Salvation Army

Trustworthy, enduring

Because we have been caring for the Australian community since 1880, people have come to trust and rely upon The Salvation Army to be there both in times of national emergency and personal crisis. A trust rating scale used in a 2004 study found the Salvos to be the most trusted organisation in the country*.  The Salvation Army was also recently named one of the world’s ten most enduring institutions over the past century**.

*2004 Eye on Australia study, Grey Worldwide, Australia.
** 2004 World’s Most Enduring Institutions, Booz Allen Hamilton, UK, p.9.

At the frontline of need

A reputation for being at the frontline of need was largely achieved through the strong presence of Salvation Army officers amongst Australian armed forces in times of war.

The battle hasn’t ended and recent years have seen ordinary Australians facing extraordinary disasters and tragedies. In times of crisis today, the Salvos are still at the frontline, offering comfort and support.

Meeting a wide-range of social problems

It has been said The Salvation Army offers caring support for every problem “from the cradle to the grave.” Our services are as wide-ranging and diverse as the areas of need in the community, like an umbrella over Australia’s social problems. Click here to find out more about the range of services that we offer or visit the Need Help? section to find information about specific programs and centresAustralians from all walks of life benefit from your donation.

An interactive network of support

Because we have such tremendous scope in our service provision, each program is able to link with other services in the network, thus enhancing our capacity to help those in need. For example, our crisis accommodation facilities may refer people with addictions to our drug and alcohol recovery services in order to help them address the underlying causes of their homelessness.

More of your dollar to the point of need

The Salvation Army has demonstrated its careful management of funds over 125 years in Australia, with more than 80 cents in every dollar donated going directly to those who need it most. This is one of the most efficient rates of any charity.

The Salvation Army’s overseas Child Sponsorship program includes 84% for the international program and community education, 9% for administration and 7% for fundraising costs