1:9 – It takes 9 months to cook a baby

5 April 2012 by | Comments

According to the picture above and Facebook it seems as though everyone around me at the moment is either pregnant or has recently given birth… It’s a pretty exciting time!!

As the leading expert on the team when it comes to baby stuff, it’s a simple fact that it takes roughly 9 months for a baby to form before it is born.

I kind of feel that in these past 9 months I have been some-what like a baby developing… growing and learning.

Living in Central & North QLD has re-shaped me, given me a space to move away from all that I had known to a place where everything was new and unknown.

Over my next 9 blogs I’m going to share the lessons I learnt in my 9 months serving in the Central & North QLD Division.

The first of these lessons was that it was and is absolutely pivotal to grip tight to a:

teachable spirit.

The past 9 months I saw a heap of new expressions of people loving on young people, heaps of expressions of young people finding freedom…. I saw God’s Kingdom beautifully advancing!

If I were to come in (not experienced living in the country) thinking I had all the answers and that I had it all together I would have been in for a rude shock! Every context is different.

One thing God said to me when taking this step of faith just over a year ago now was, trust me and watch me, learn everything you can – listen to people, learn from people – your time won’t be long but I am going to do a new work in you.

This is the mindset I try to live with every day now – watching God at work – learning everything I can in every situation – knowing that others around me have valuable things to teach me and simply allowing God to do a new work in me everyday.

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