Question times – the don’ts

26 June 2010 by | Comments

A few weeks back we looked at question time “do’s”.

Here are some helpful tips from Cary Schmidt on what not  to do in your Q&A segments:

1. Don’t try to answer questions without preparation— If you try to wing this, you will say something you regret. Give yourself time to review the questions and prepare solid answers.

2. Don’t belittle a teen for his question—your natural response to some of the questions will be “how stupid.” But whatever you do, don’t show that emotion. Respect every question and remember it probably comes from a very sincere heart that took a risk to ask!

3. Don’t venture beyond your authority or experience—Don’t answer questions that should be answered by parents or pastor. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I would defer that question to your parents or to pastor…”

4. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say if parents or pastor were presentThe teens will quote you! Worse, they will misquote you! So you’d better be backed by the Bible and prepared to give account for the answers you provide.

5. Don’t do this too often—Q&A times will lose their punch if they happen every week or too frequently.

Thanks Cary.

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