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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009

Further Reading

Cover of book, 'Angel in the Court', with Major Joyce Harmer on front

From humble beginnings in a small-town Salvation Army family to a career as a court chaplain giving comfort to some of Australia's most notorious criminals, Major Joyce Harmer's life has been one of enormous contrasts.

Need more information about The Salvation Army? Perhaps you would simply like to read some more. Try your library for the following books about The Salvation Army. You can also contact Salvationist Supplies to enquire about purchasing the books, including their online store.

Our Publications and Student centre are good sources of initial information if you haven't already read them.

Salvationist Supplies also stock published devotional, scriptural, and Christian resource material.

2003 - William & Catherine: The Life and Legacy of the Booths, Founders of the Salvation Army: A New Biography by Trevor Yaxley (Hardcover - April 2003)

2003 - Travel with William Booth: Founder and First General of The Salvation Army by Jim Winter (Paperback - January 2003)

2002 - Blood & Fire: William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army by Roy Hattersley (Hardcover - 2002)

1999 - William and Catherine Booth by Helen Kooiman Hosier (Paperback - May 1999)

1998 - God's Army: The Story of The Salvation Army by Stephen Brook (Hardcover - December 4, 1998)

1996 - 'I'll Fight...' - Holiness at War by Phil Wall (Sovereign World, Tonbridge)

1993 - Salvo! - The Salvation Army in the 1990s by John Cleary (Focus Books, Double Bay, Australia)

1989 - Battle Orders - Salvation Army Soldiership by Chick Yuill (The Campfield Press, St Albans)

1980 - Booth's Drum - The Salvation Army in Australia 1880-1980 by Barbara Bolton (Hodder and Stoughton,Lane Cove, NSW Australia.)

1980 - Thank God For The Salvos - The Salvation Army in Australia1880-1980  by Lowell Tarling (Harper and Row, Artarmon, NSW, Australia.)

The Salvation Army Year Book is published annually by The Salvation Army International Headquarters in London.