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Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009


Salvation Army crest

The Crest logo

*Any requests for high resolution files must be made via a current Salvation Army officer or employee. In order to protect our identity, we will not respond to unsolicited requests from design agencies or individuals.

Read about The Salvation Army crestWilliam Ebdon, a meaningful symbol of the Salvationist's beliefs which was developed in 1878.

Captain William Ebdon designed the crest in 1878 and the only alteration to his original design was the addition of the crown. The crest's emblems set forth the leading doctrines of The Salvation Army as follows:

  • The sun (the surround) represents the light and fire of the Holy Spirit
  • The cross of Jesus stands at the centre of the crest and the Salvationist's faith
  • The 'S' stands for Salvation from sin
  • The swords represent the fight against sin
  • The shots (seven dots on the circle) stand for the truths of the gospel
  • The crown speaks of God's reward for His faithful people
  • "Blood and Fire" is the motto of The Salvation Army.This describes the blood of Jesus shed on the cross to save all people, and the fire of the Holy Spirit which purifies believers